Kazumi Totaka

Kazumi Totaka is a veteran Nintendo composer who has been behind the music of several games ever since the Game Boy era, specially on those of the Animal Crossing franchise.

After attending the Kunitachi College of Music, Totaka joined the company in the R&D1 department, where he would be the composer of games like Mario Paint and Super Mario Land 2. However, in the Nintendo 64 era, he was transferred to the Nintendo EAD Sound Group, a position he still holds to this day. After his work on Yoshi's Story and Animal Crossing, he would serve as the sound director for most of the games of those series. He composed the music for most of the Wii's channels, and also got the chance of being a director with Wii Music.

While working on Yoshi's Story, Totaka would provide the characteristic voice samples of Yoshi, which would be reused in many following games featuring the character (although he sometimes provided new samples over the years). He has also provided the voice of Professor E. Gadd and Birdo, among other characters.

Outside of Nintendo, Totaka is a member of the jazz band A Slice of Life (formerly Spiritual Vibes), which occasionaly provides concerts through Japan.

The character K.K. Slider (Totakeke) in Animal Crossing is based on him. He will even play Totaka's Song on request (as "K.K. Song").

Year Image Character  Title
2014 Yoshi SSB Wii U Yoshi Dairantou sumasshu burazâzu for Wii U & 3DS
2001 Professor Elvin Gad Professor E.Gad Luigi's Mansion: Ruîgi Manshon
1999 Yoshi SSB 64 Yoshi Super Smash Bros: Nintendô ôru sutâ dairantô Sumasshu burazâzu
1998 Yoshi YS Yoshi Yoshi's Story: Yosshī Sutōrī
1998 Shy Guy YS Shy Guy Yoshi's Story: Yosshī Sutōrī