Mario Golf 64 Japan

Mario Golf (マリオゴルフ64 Mario Gorufu Rokujūyon?, Mario Golf 64) is a sports game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. In the game, Mario, his friends, and his enemies play golf on a variety of Mario-themed courses. It is the second game in the Mario Golf series (though the first to carry that name). Its tagline was "Tee up with Mario and his friends!"

A portable version of this game for Game Boy Color (known as Mario Golf GB (マリオゴルフGB) in Japan) was also developed by Camelot Software Planning. Unlike the console version, it includes role-playing video game elements.


Image Character  Jap USA
Plum MG 64 Plum Jessica Chisum
Charlie MG 64 Charlie Dex Manley
Princess Peach MG 64 Princess Peach Jen Taylor
Baby Mario MG 64 Baby Mario Charles Martinet
Luigi MG 64 Luigi Charles Martinet
Yoshi MG 64 Yoshi N/A
Sonny MG 64 Sonny David Frederick White
Wario MG 64 Wario Charles Martinet
Harry MG 64 Harry Terry Gangstad
Mario MG 64 Mario Charles Martinet
Maple MG 64 Maple Haley Burns
Donkey Kong MG 64 Donkey Kong N/A
Bowser MG 64 Bowser N/A
Metal Mario MG 64 Metal Mario Charles Martinet
Sherry MG 64 Sherry Jessica Chisum
Kid MG 64 Kid Penn Badgley
Azalea MG 64 Azalea Kate Fleming
Joe MG 64 Joe Mike Madeoy
Toad MG 64 Toad Tomoko Maruno Jen Taylor
Mario Golf 64 Title Commentator Mark Dias