Pink Panther and Sons

Pink Panther and Sons is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions[1] and Mirisch-Geoffrey-DePatie-Freleng. The series was originally broadcast on NBC from 1984 to 1985 and moved to ABC in 1986. Friz Freleng served as creative producer for the series; his production company, DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, existed as an in-name-only enterprise by this time, as its operations were absorbed by Marvel Productions in 1981.

The series centers on The Pink Panther's two sons: pre-teen Pinky, his brother, toddler Panky and their friends in the Rainbow Panthers crew (the pretty Chatta, fighting Rocko, gibbersh-talking Murfel, overalls-wearing Anney, and mixed-up-talking Punkin). Each episode shows the Rainbow Panthers coming together for friendship and fun as they learn all about growing up and caring for each other as they take on a group of lions called the Howl Angels.


Image Character  USA Mex Mex(Prime Dub)
Pinky PP&S Pinky Luis Alfonso Mendoza Gabriel Ramos
Panky PP&S Panky B.J. Ward Rocío Garcel
Annie PP&S Annie Jeannie Elias Diana Santos
Chatta PP&S Chatta Rommy Mendoza Cristina Hernández
Punkin PP&S Punkin B.J. Ward Ana María Grey
Rocko PP&S Rocko Frank Welker Jesús Brock José Antonio Macías
Murfel PP&S Murfel José Antonio Macías
Finko PP&S Finko Frank Welker Jorge Ornelas
Howl PP&S Howl Marshall Efron Luis Alfonso Padilla
Liona PP&S Liona Jeannie Elias
Pink Panther PP&S Pink Panther N/A
Pink Panther and Sons Titles Narrator N/A Mario Castañeda